Monday, May 02, 2011

My Personal Response to the Death of a Terrorist

I started with disbelief that the task was finally done, then a small amount of relief.

Next was disgust that it hadn't been accomplished 9 years ago because we didn't have a leader 9 years ago who was willing to put the resources into play, and instead decided that oil profits and money for his buddies in Halliburton were more important than stopping terrorism. This whole thing should have been ended years ago. Instead we had to wait to get a president that isn't into war profiteering, then wait for him to clean up the mess of the war profiteer president before him. Yeah, I'm bitter. How many American lives were lost because Bush couldn't be bothered to actually help the American PEOPLE instead of American Corporations? The only thing better than the death of Bin Laden would be the death of Bin Laden and Bush and Cheney being tried for war crimes, war profiteering, and treason.

So I guess I'm mostly exasperated that this took so long, and that the reason it took so long is still walking around free and wrongly thinking he did a good job as president.

I did manage to get my mood lightened by visiting a few websites and seeing the jokes people made in reaction to the news. The people who want to see the long-form death certificate before believing it were mildly amusing. More so when you consider that President Obama's speech cut into Trump's stupid show. Heh. Another joke I found strangely satisfying was that all the other death reports of Bin Laden were just Harry and the gang taking care of the Horcruxes before they finally got the bad guy himself. Way to mash pop culture with current events.

But mostly, my reaction is just a small amount of relief, a lot of bitterness toward the useless leadership that took us to war in Iraq instead of finishing the job in Afghanistan, and a certainty that this isn't the end of the terrorism story at all.