Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Sunday Review

TV this week:

  • Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated: "Escape From Mystery Manor" - This one is all about the ongoing storyline, and as such is very strange. I mean, really really strange. But fun. The final shot lent some real mystery to the whole thing, much to my surprise.

  • Primeval: "Season 5 Episode 1" - Yay, Primeval's back! A burrowing creature from the future causes lots of problems. Connor was good in this one, although I'm still finding the Connor/Abby thing strange. The ongoing plotline is becoming more of an issue. I just hope it's solved quickly.

  • Doctor Who: "The Almost People" - I *KNEW* the Doctor would do that. KNEW IT. As soon as I figured out how they differed. Anyway. A lot becomes clear in this one, except for *when* the change happened. I'm guessing first story, but I'm not sure which part. This story also suggests a way out for the Doctor. After next week's mid-season finale, I think Eric and I may have to rewatch the first part of the season.

This week's movie was Young Indiana Jones: Passion for Life (British East Africa and Paris, 1908-09). I don't know if I should be treating these as movies, as I know we're going to have to watch a lot of them this summer before we return the borrowed DVD set. The first part of this edit was originally the third episode of the season, the second half was from the second season. The age jump wasn't quite as dramatic this time. The first part was Indy meeting Teddy Roosevelt in Africa and finding a rare animal. The second was Indy running around in Paris with a young Norman Rockwell meeting various artists. Both parts were pretty good, and you would think that the tutor has figured out by now that Indy will run off given the chance, even if he promises not to. But I really enjoyed how the tutor and Picasso got along. Again I wish that we could see the framing sequences with old Indy. That's the worst flaw with this DVD set.

Here are reviews of the DCBS comic books that I've gotten around to reading and reviewing, sorted by the original shipping date:
  • April 27th
  • Brightest Day #24 - Well... wow. That's over. And started. Aquaman has a new story all set-up, I guess we'll have to wait until after Flashpoint for that. But Hawkman, ouch. That's lousy. Not half bad.
  • Action Comics #900 - Thanks to the news media, I thought this had been spoiled. Fortunately, that whole thing was just a part of a back-up story. The main story was just as interesting as the rest of this series has been.
  • Justice Society of America #50 - After reading the first few pages I had to check the cover to see if I was reading the wrong book. It all made sense eventually.
  • Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #9 - Well, Kyle seems to be getting the hang of the Blue spectrum, but I don't think John is anywhere close to what the Indigos are supposed to be.
  • Doctor Who Vol 2 #4 - End of the Jack the Ripper story. Still lousy artwork, but the end of the story wasn't that bad.
  • May 4th
  • JSA All-Stars #18 - That was a bit unexpected. Did the good guys win or not?
  • Batman Beyond #5 - Poor Terry. He's going to end up alone and bitter like the old man.
  • Ozma of Oz #6 - Yay, Dorothy guessed one correct! Ahem, one of my favorite scenes of the story, as the Nome King tricks people into becoming statues and other items in his collection. I love Billina's role in this, although she hasn't actively done anything yet.
  • Usagi Yojimbo #137 - Unexpected twist near the end leads to an even more compelling cliffhanger... I really want to see how this turns out.