Thursday, July 07, 2011

I'm in California...

...and my house-sitter and her Rotweiller are enjoying my home. *sigh*

Anyway, we made it to Oregon last night, then got up bright and early and headed down to California this morning. We will be in Asilomar at the Winkie Convention tomorrow afternoon. At the moment we are in a place that has a temperature that makes me melt when I step outside. Asilomar, being on the Monterey peninsula, has much more sane temperatures that are similar to Seattle. Which means I'll be bundled up since I'm used to Eastern Washington temps.

I may be posting a bit about the convention while I'm there, but not a lot else, I'm afraid. We have lots of plans, a full car, and high hopes for a great con. If you want to try to follow it live, visit my Twitter (over on the sidebar). I'll try to tweet during the evening programs if I can get an internet connection (which is sometimes tricky).

So... highlights of the drive... um... trees. I saw three deer along the side of the road, watching traffic as they calmly ate grass. We passed a lot of trucks. There are some nice rest stops along the I5 corridor. And some not-so-nice ones, too. We spotted, to our immense surprise, a familiar car belonging to another Oz fan while stopped at the California border for the inspection. I wonder if they saw us? And now it's probably time for dinner. So I think I'll log off and see if my traveling companions want to risk being melted by the sun and high temps to go find food.


Carolyn said...

Have a great time!