Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Small Linkdump

Bad news if you believe in facts. People tend to continue to believe lies even after they've been disproven and those people accepted they were lies.

Muppet Thor.

Why Pursuing Cheaters Doesn't Pay. One teacher's view on his attempts to stop cheating in his class. (Update: link fixed)
Update to the Update: The original post was removed due to legal issues. Here's the gist: a professor actively pursued cheaters, only to be damaged financially by it when students turned in negative performance evaluations for him because he put so much effort into catching cheaters instead of making class a learning environment. He decided instead to create tests and assignments that students couldn't cheat on, as they involved current events and active in-class participation. He explained it in a comment on an article about his post.

Wanna read a creepy good short story? Try The Powerful Bad Luck of DD Dupree by Frank Tuttle.

I wonder if the in-laws are into Steampug? Thanks to David Oakes.