Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Sunday Review

TV this week:

  • Torchwood: Miracle Day: "Dead of Night" - With Rex and Esther now part of Torchwood, the crew really gets going. Vera the doctor is brought into the team, Jack has a night out, and Gwen goes undercover. Not as bad as I was expecting from the controversy, and the plot slowly moves forward with what might be the discovery of the big bad. Not too bad.

  • Ghost Hunters: "Pearl Harbor Phantoms" - The crew gets a Hawaiian vacation with Josh Gates and his snark. It's a nice location to visit for them in the middle of winter. The two hangers at the Pacific Aviation Museum are good places to check out, and the crew is respectful of the location. I like the stories of the staff, they seem to clearly admire their ghosts rather than fear them, and love telling stories. It was nice to see the place, and fun to watch a bunch of people running around in hangers all night long. This episode may be unique in that there wasn't a reveal or summary at the end, that's for the next episode. Which hasn't aired yet, I think.

  • Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated: "Dead Justice" - Of all the things I expect from Scooby-Doo, depth is not one of them. So seeing the strange antagonism between the mayor and the sheriff in this one, tied up with Fred's desperation to impress his father, was a little bit of a surprise. With only a couple of more episodes, will the big mystery be revealed?

  • History Detectives: "Season 9, Episode 6 - Japanese Carved Cane; Kittery Telescope; Baker's Gold (repeat)" - The Japanese Internment Camps are a sick blot on our history, and learning more about them and keeping memory of them alive is good. The cane is beautiful. The telescope was a very exciting story, as the thing just seemed to get older and older, and the possible history in it was great. I have to wonder if the owner would consider donating it to a museum. NOTE: all of the next episode is repeats.

This week's movie was The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Spring Break Adventure (Princeton and Mexico, 1916). Still watching the borrowed DVD Set. We're into the "older Indy" stories, with a new actor playing Indy. In this one, Indy pairs up with Nancy Drew (sort of) to solve a mystery and get to the prom. Then he finishes an adventure he had in the first movie (which was originally the second part of the very first episode). It took awhile to get used to the older Indy, but he grows on you. Not bad, but I'm still wishing I could see the show as it originally aired.

While at the Oz convention, hubby-Eric picked up Dinosaurs Across California, a strange little comic LOADED with information about California tourist sites and famous people who have come from California. It has an Oz connection when the time traveling dinos stop in to meet L. Frank Baum at Ozcot in a single panel. I don't know that I would recommend this for casual reading, but it certainly was crammed of great images that are worth pouring over for details and information that is worth thinking about.

My Kindle book this week was The Flying Girl and Her Chum by L Frank Baum. I read the Flying Girl, and enjoyed it, and then decided to dress up as Orissa at the Winkie Convention this year. So I decided I ought to read the sequel before I tried to play her. So I loaded the Google books version onto my Kindle and finished this book two nights before the convention started. Probably good timing, for I had the character in my thoughts while headed to the convention. As it turned out, I wasn't the only Orissa in the masquerade, but that worked out ok. Anyway, the story is weaker than the first Flying Girl book, but it was clearly meant as the second book of a trilogy. I bet the final book would have been better. As it was, Orissa tries a new plane with a passenger on board, and something goes wrong. As Orissa and her chum struggle to stay alive, their friends on land start the hunt for them. This is a survival story, an adventure tale, and a classic friends story as well. I enjoyed it, and wish the last book had been written. Maybe I'll have to write it myself some day.