Tuesday, August 02, 2011


More information about stolen Brent Anderson artwork.

JSA returning? Good news for hubby-Eric, if true.

Of course, I entered the Space Needle contest. I actually would prefer to win dinner at the Space Needle, but a trip into space would be cool, too.

Holy Carp in a Koi Pond! Poetry on-the-fly is a beautiful thing.

Tangible versus Intangible.

I'd try it. Depending on what the frozen Han Solos were made of... (click image for full-size)

Carbonite Crunch

NPR wants you to vote for the top 100 Science Fiction and Fantasy titles. Not a bad list to choose from, although some of my favs were missing.

Historic Crayola Rainbow.

Don't you hate it when your whole day is Shatnered?

It appears that 92% of Gingrich's Twitter Followers are fake. I wonder how many of mine are fake?

Wait, these aren't pugs... they aren't even dogs... er...

Right, well for the in-laws: Things that Confuse a Pug.