Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The New Justice League Dust-Up

Here's the new Justice League in a promo image released in June:

New Justice League

And here's another promo picture of them (click for bigger):

Justice League #1 Cover

This was originally the cover to Justice League #1. But DC changed it. These are the covers they just announced. The one on the left may look similar, but look a little closer.

Justice League Final Covers

Wonder Woman has lost her pants! She's now wearing briefs... classic underwear, instead of the elegant leggings she was wearing in the original images.

So a reader of ComicsAlliance decided to rectify the problem, using that first promo image I showed:

Justice League's New Pants

Honestly, I don't mind Aquaman's look like that at all, though the boot tops need a little work. In fact, I'd love to see the whole Justice League run around like that for a few issues just to show how incredibly impractical it is. I mean, this whole thing with women not wearing any armor and always showing so much skin makes NO sense in a superhero world. At least Mera (in most of her incarnations) is smart enough to cover up.


David Oakes said...

Really, I don’t know why Flash and Aquaman *don't* dress like that. They actually have to work with their powers. And it is closer to Cyborg's original costume.

(I am not sure if it is post-Racial that Cyborg doesn’t have to expose as much skin as possible to prove that he is Black - and therefore DC is Diverse - or simply Racist that he has to cover as much as possible to play in Peoria.)