Sunday, August 28, 2011

Stepford Plants Report

Pumpkins on the vine

I really haven't got a lot to say about the garden right now. It's overgrown, ripening, and I have harvested plenty of zucchini to make lots of bread. And tomatoes. I haven't gotten a usable pepper yet, but I might. And there are pumpkins spreading out across the yard, although some seem to be dying for no reason, and I'm not sure what type of pumpkin they are...

So, enjoy the pics, after the break.

Starting from the closest to the front door, Pumpkins:

Spreading, dying vines

More Pumpkins and Volunteer Tomatoes

Pumpkins in the Garden

Then the Peppers, practically overgrown by volunteer tomatoes from last year:

Peppers Overgrown

Peppers and Tomatoes

And Tiny Tim Tomatoes:

Tiny Tims Spreading Out

Tiny Tims Ripen

The Moneymaker tomatoes fight the Zucchini plants for dominance in the rear spot:

Moneymakers versus Zucchini

Down to two Zucchini Plants

Zucchini ready to harvest

And lastly, the trees are just getting along...

Plum Stick Droops

Grafted Plum Ahoy!