Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A few links...

Best Cat "house" Ever.

I want a felted light-up Dalek.

While I have no doubt that electro-magnetic fields can have some minor effect on human brains, I'd need a lot of double-blind studies proving it before I'd believe in 'Wi-Fi allergies'.

Women who fought in the Civil War.

And this video shows what humans are capable of if they work together in an emergency, although I cringed terribly at the ankle-drag. Still, not sure how else they could have gotten him out of there. The video is from a car/motorcycle crash, and the man in the suit is apparently the driver of the car, still a little stunned. This happened in Logan, Utah. via.

UPDATE: Here's another version in case YouTube doesn't work for you, and another news story. The biker is in satisfactory condition now, with "a broken femur, broken tibia and pelvis, burns on his left foot and abrasions to his forehead". The woman who got down on her stomach yelled, "He's alive!" which is what brought people back to save him.



Roger Owen Green said...

Oh, I thought the dragging was the best way to move him. I was more worried that they all were so close to a car that could potentially blow up, and I'd have dragged him farther. Still, great story.

Tegan said...

Generally you never want to move an injured person at all. The chances of serious spine injuries increase dramatically. But yeah, under the circumstances, it was probably the best way to get him out. Dragging him farther would have increased the odds of a paralyzing injury, so no, they got him far enough.