Saturday, October 29, 2011


I finally updated my Firefox to the most current version, and my Thunderbird. I had resisted updating for quite some time... I was on a virtually obsolete version of Thunderbird, and my Firefox was fairly old. Both updates required multiple updates to reach the current versions. By that, I mean I would update, then the software would completely update again, then again.

I think I've got Firefox almost to where I want it. I had to download an add-on that made my status bar reappear, since I was not happy with the new garbage the developers decided to put in. I have some issues with the general layout as well, it just seems slightly wrong somehow. I think I was on that previous version a few years too long.

Thunderbird is going to take some getting used to. I don't like the tabs at all. I suppose I'll adjust, but I'm a grumpy old techie. I like neat stuff, but I don't like dramatic changes to stuff I use regularly.

I also want to write up a review of the new $79 Kindle I got. I really want to compare it to my old Kindle, which I still love. I think I shall do a full report, with pictures, soon. If I can get the time.