Saturday, December 10, 2011

Just an Update

It's been cold here. Not as cold as I've ever felt, but certainly a bit chilly. I'm experiencing freezing fog for only the third or fourth time in my life. It's strange, like snow that doesn't fall, just sticks wherever it feels like.

In the last week I went to Rotary (guest speaker was sick), the Port meeting, a grief ceremony at a local hospice, a Christmas celebration to interview a former member of the Billy Graham crusades, a local business that's being sold soon and this morning I went to a cemetery for a wreath laying ceremony in the freezing fog. I've also had a mammogram, had blood drawn, interviewed one of our carriers about her efforts to self-publish a book of poems and listened to a telephone town hall with politicians whose ideas I mostly disagree with, then had to write a fair article about the call. Today I still have a museum open house and basketball games to go to, and tomorrow I need to attend a VFW dinner. And that's just this week.

I have LEGO advent calendars, TWO of them, but I haven't had time to sit and enjoy them. I also haven't had time to put together the Winkie Newsletter, which has given a couple of people a bit of consternation, I know. I'm working on it!

Monday morning, I'm going to have a minimum of seven stories to write up before 10:30 am, which is one reason I've started on as many as I can right now. Thank goodness for basketball coaches who get back to you quickly! All of my teams and the team I'm taking over while one of the other reporters is on vacation have two games each this weekend.

So life is busy. And I'm enjoying it, mostly, quite a bit.