Friday, January 27, 2012

Kitten update

So. Let's see. We took Inkwell the kitten to the vet on Wednesday afternoon and he got medicated and such. Wednesday night he was clearly not feeling well, few meows and no purring. Thursday morning, just about nothing. He didn't want to get up, didn't eat, and when I checked the bathroom I discovered that he'd barfed all over behind the toilet. He also had diarrhea. He was very lethargic all day, and just didn't eat much of anything.


About 11 am I called the vet again to report on his worsened condition, and she said that a kitten should not be vomiting like that. The diarrhea and lethargy were also very bad signs. So she prepped me for the worst, telling me about the feline version of parvo, which is nearly always fatal. She explained that the big problem, since he had diarrhea, would be dehydration. She suggested getting some Pedialyte to try to get him back up to normal hydration levels.

So we got some Pedialyte, and tried to feed him again. But he really wasn't eating much of anything. And he wasn't moving much. And he wasn't purring at all. I had him laying on my stomach for a time, and was afraid at least a couple of times that he had died right there.

In addition, he developed a drool. Massive drool. Big blobs of it coming out of his mouth. And I took to wiping it up constantly, which annoyed him a bit. Add in the eyedrops, and I think the poor guy probably hates Eric and me now.

Eric and Inkwell

Well, I left him some kibble in Pedialyte last night, and it was gone this morning, he'd eaten the lot. I gave him some more, and he showed no interest in it, but when I came home for lunch he was up and meowing and he clearly wanted more.

So I gave him more, then a little more. And watched him eat and drink while I was home. I was elated.

After covering an event, I decided I wanted to check on the cat and rushed home. He was curled up in his box, refusing to move. Back to sad kitten again. I left him some more food in the bowl and went back to work a little worried.

When I got home this afternoon, Eric had fed him again and he'd eaten it all. However, he hasn't pooped since this morning, so I'm a little worried that he overdid it and is likely to throw up again.

So Inkwell is now curled up on my left arm. He seems happier today, he's eaten a lot. I'm still worried about him, but I no longer think he's about to die.