Sunday, January 15, 2012


I was at church, sitting in the foyer, when I glanced out the window and saw a few snowflakes straggling down from the sky. I said the word aloud, "Snow?" and a little child went running to the doors, and then back to her parents, yelling, "It's snowing!" For the next five minutes various little children ran around the foyer, pointing out the glass doors. Others ran out into the snow, which fell a little harder for a bit. Some of them were jumping up and down with glee. Then the snow slowly started to weaken, less and less, until there was finally nothing again. The excitement died with the lack of snow, and I think I even heard a little one complain about the sun breaking through the clouds.

We're under a winter storm watch now. The watch is, as I recall, less serious than a warning while it has more potential for chaos than an advisory. We're two days out from what might become a serious winter storm. First one since I've become a reporter. We'll just have to see if it actually happens.