Saturday, February 18, 2012

Inkwell Update

dishwasher cat
Inkwell loves the dishwasher, and will jump up on the door if we let him.
The kitten is adjusting to life with two nerds, and seems to be surviving our odd habits. He has continued to sleep in our bed, with mixed results. But he's so cute, it's hard to deny him a place in the bed when he clearly just wants to curl up with us.

We have some trouble with him getting in our faces while eating or while computing. He particularly enjoys knocking my computer mouse around while I'm trying to use it. When he gets really annoying, we put him in the bathroom for a timeout.

The mighty battle of Inkwell vs Laura's computer mouse starts.

Inkwell conquers the mouse and tries to escape with it. Oddly, he doesn't get far.
He's also discovered the strap on the camera and thinks it's a really nifty cat toy. This next picture was taken as he chewed on the strap.

"Say cheese? Why do I need to *nom* *nom* *nom* say cheese?"
I have cat bites on my knuckles. I tried to figure out how to teach him to not bite, but the first method I tried made him sulk. So mostly I'm just walking away from him whenever the teeth come out.

small bathroom
Inkwell has discovered the joys of wandering around in the small bathroom, which has a cat perch just for him.
The small downstairs bathroom has become his spot. I'm going to get him two regular litter boxes, and one will go downstairs in that bathroom. I've also started a wishlist for him to keep track of some of the small stuff I want to get for him while fantasizing about what I could get him if we had money.

He's not 100% better. His eye is still wonky and he keeps sneezing. But he's certainly better than he was. It's very strange to have a cat.

Inkwell's Page - Inkwell's Wishlist


Anonymous said... might have advice about training and coping with problems like biting and scratching. Most kittens like to swat at dangling things, so you may have to tape down cords and straps. (We ended up with so much tape all over, the apartment looked like a crime scene.) Double-sided tape is best, since cats don't like to touch sticky stuff.

Anonymous said...

Feral/stray cats will try to eat when ever they get a chance. You may have to lock the little rascal in the bathroom while you eat. Or keep a spray bottle or water pistol handy and squirt him when he jumps up on the table and tries to steal your food. And of course don't leave food out where he can get it.

Anonymous said...

Cardboard boxes, plastic bottle caps, and empty spools make cheap cat toys. Cardboard tubes from toilet paper rolls are also fun (make sure all the tissue paper is completely off of it). Our neighbor gave us some toy felt mice and I hide them in the tubes or under furniture so the cat can hunt them.

Anonymous said...

When you take Inkwell to the vet for his kitty physical be sure and tell them about his sneezing. He
may have allergies or an upper respiratory problem. They can also check his eye.

Anonymous said...

"The humans keep saying there is a mouse on the desk, but all I can find is this remote control computer gadget."