Thursday, April 05, 2012

Inkwell... is a dog?

Ok, no, of course not. But this morning I opened the front window shade and he spotted some birds in the yard. And started barking at them. It wasn't a meow, it was staccato and bark-y sounding. And he kept it up until the birds flew off. Inkwell was *very* agitated by the birds.

I also weighed him this morning. He's now at 7.2 pounds. And all that weight was on my windpipe the night before last, as he spent most of the night warming my neck. Last night I was apparently wearing him like a hat on top of my head.


David Akers said...

FWIW, our cats have always done pretty much the same thing, at least the ones the seem to pride themselves on their hunting ability. They will sit in the window and make a barky, staccato noise, and their jaw works up and down with each beat of noise. Must be a cat thing.