Saturday, June 30, 2012


I've been overwhelmingly overwhelmed by work, and Inkwell the kitten is in his surly teenage months. In addition, the usual summer heat has started, and for the first time since we moved here I have to be out in it regularly. As a weather wimp, it's been very hard.

We have guests this weekend and in a couple weekends, and I'm working both weekends. I just finished a book I need to review for work that was, let's say, aimed at a very different audience than me. I did manage to get enough time off (unpaid, sadly) to go to the Wizard of Oz convention at the end of July. So we're saving for that.

Unfortunately, while there is plenty more to say, most of it isn't really going to be interesting at this point because I don't have a good way to say it. So I'm going to leave off here, and try to post at least once a week for the next month. A far cry from once a day, but hopefully better than a month-long gap between posts!