Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Sunday Review

Almost caught up, I think. I'm sure by writing that, another shipment of comic books has been triggered and is on the way...

This week's movie was The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones Chapter 18: Treasure of the Peacock's Eye (1918-19) - The war ends with Remy and Indy reunited and headed for adventure whether they want it or not. Indy didn't want to go, and learned a bit about himself. Again, great documentaries.

Here are reviews of the DCBS comic books that I've gotten around to reading and reviewing, sorted by the original shipping date:
  • May 2nd
  • Dorothy of Oz Prequel #2 (OF 4) - While this feels like it ignores everything after the first book, I'm not certain about that. So far I'm not terribly impressed by it. It's missing heart, and not just the Tin Man's.
  • Doctor Who Classics Series IV #3 (OF 6) - Oh, that's a good one I'd never read. But it's also a time loop, which is freaky to think about too long.
  • Earth 2 #1 - Elseworld? It's not the 52 Universe, and it's definitely not the original. Who knows where it will go from here, but perhaps it'll be good.
  • Worlds' Finest #1 - So, they popped over from Earth 2, huh? It seems like DC has been steadily bringing back the multiverse ever since they tried to get rid of it.
  • Justice League International #9 - Well, I guess I won't be reading what happens next, since it's a freaking crossover. Gah. Hate crossovers.
  • Smallville Season 11 #1 - I wonder if I'd understand this any better if I'd watched the last couple of seasons of Smallville? Eh, it's a nice start. I wonder how long it'll last?
  • Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz #6 - I do like the dragonettes. They're actually kind of cute in this one.
  • FCBD
  • FCBD 2012 Mouse Guard and Other Stories - A neat selection of strange and wonderful comics, with enough there to make decent judgements on whether or not you'd want to get more.
  • FCBD 2012 Finding Gossamyr/Stuff of Legend - Gossamyr looks very intriguing. I'm less certain about Stuff of Legend.
  • FCBD 2012 Peanuts/Adventure Time - Peanuts is good, but then I've been enjoying the new book... both new and old material. Adventure Time... well, it's just strange.
  • FCBD 2012 Bongo Free-for-All/Spongebob - MERMAID MAN! YAY! And even a clarinet (I played the clarinet as a child). YAY!
  • FCBD 2012 Star Wars/Serenity - So, they give two good little tales, then stick a third one in and tell the readers to go pick up another free comic? What if it's months later? Ever think of that, Dark Horse?
  • FCBD 2012 DC Comics: The New 52 Special Edition - Not horrible for a little sampler of what the new 52 is supposed to be. But I'm saying that as someone who has a little clue about it all. Not sure what a new reader would make of it.
  • FCBD 2012 DC Nation Superman Family Flip Book - Complete Green Lantern story, fragments of Young Justice and a preview of the Superman series I've already seen. Not great, but not horrible.
  • FCBD 2012 Top Shelf Kids Club - Ah, nice cute little stories with fun stuff for adults as well. Yay!
  • May 9th
  • Tick #100: The Tick Meets Invincible - There's a short bit of story in there amidst all the other junk.
  • Green Lantern #9 - Um, yikes? So that's the secret of the Indigo tribe, huh?
  • Resurrection Man #9 - Dueling government agencies. I would place my money on Waller any time. As long as it was the original Waller. Not sure about this version of her.
  • Doctor Who Classics Series IV #4 (OF 6) - The TARDIS is freakier than you'd imagine, isn't it?
  • May 16th:
  • Justice League #9 - Not enough Aquaman. In fact, except for a book cover, no Aquaman. Blah.
  • Green Lantern Corps #9 - I really don't like the Alpha Corps, and this is just more of them being unlikeable. Boring.
  • Green Lantern: The Animated Series #2 - I liked that creature that Hal freed, so seeing it devoured on the first page was... annoying.
  • Saucer Country #3 - They aren't aliens, just rabbits! Yup! I'm beginning to wonder if anyone in this book doesn't have an agenda.
  • May 23rd
  • Aquaman #9 - I'm liking Prisoner. Distressing powers. But I'm not sure about the reveal on the last page. Hrm. Gonna have to think about this one.
  • Green Lantern: New Guardians #9 - It took me awhile to remember who The Reach are.
  • Fables #117 - Nice use of foreshadowing to lead up to that final page of the main story.
  • No Place Like Home #4 - So we have the origin of the thing, but where's the connection to Oz?
  • Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz #7 - I'd forgotten about how jealous Jim got of the sawhorse. Either that, or seeing it had a much bigger impact than reading it for me.
  • May 30th
  • Batman Beyond Unlimited #4 - I would've let Mad Stan just keep Boom Boom. Probably would keep him fairly docile.
  • Superman Family Adventures #1 - It's fun, but needs more aqua-characters.
  • Young Justice #16 - No Aqualad, of course. Still, not too bad.
  • Star Trek TNG/Doctor Who: Assimilation #1 - Rory continues to impress.
  • Powers #10 - Terribly brutal, but a nice twist for this storyline. It's the end of the world!
  • DC Nation #1 - Well, it was fun even though I'd already read two of the stories somewhere else. Lots of little codes and goodies for games I'll never play.