Wednesday, September 05, 2012

My Kitten Likes His Toys

Inkwell the Magical Cat

Inkwell gets a lot of gifts from his humans. He got a catnip banana from his grandmama, and his mommy's co-worker gave him another scratcher. But he really enjoys the free toys. The big rolls of paper from the press are a delight to shred and roll around in. Balled up foil makes a great toy to chase around the house. And the ring off a bottle of Gatorade is the single best toy ever.

Let me explain.

The ring is lightweight, allowing the discerning kitten to flick it around with ease. It's also easy to grab with claws or mouth and carry. It has a few little plastic "spikes" inside, which gives a cat the sense that it's fighting back, thus making it FAR more fun to play with. It's round, so it rolls when it gets flicked away. Because it comes off a Gatorade bottle, it's larger than on a standard water bottle which means it's less likely to get eaten accidentally.

Inkwell the Magical Cat

Of course, for mommy the absolute best thing about it is that it's free with the purchase of a bottle of Gatorade (which she's been using to get through work alive).


Roger Owen Green said...

getting big!

David Oakes said...

Inkwell likes his preciiiiousssssssssssssss...

Steve said...

That 'ring' is an amazing idea! I wonder how it's size is compared to those on milk jugs? I'll have to pull one off and see what our cat thinks of it... :-)