Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Linkdump

Trying to clear out some old links, so enjoy a list of what interests me...

Best tweets during the Blackout Bowl. I thought it was the best thing to happen during the Super Bowl in ages, personally.

I love new archaeological discoveries. Ones that come with ancient poetry are even better.

Then there is Oak Island. A new film claims to solve the mystery to some degree. I think I'd love to see it as a Fortean, but I'm not sure I'm willing to believe any of it.

Here's a decent piece on the whole Richard III thing. There are some good links from there, and a comment on the piece points out that people who have scoliosis don't look nearly as deformed as some folks might think they do. The Guardian says there will be a lot of debate on the subject of Ricky. Yup.

Speaking of science, don't forget that scientists are human too, and have been known to be very childish at times.

John Scalzi illustrates the proper way to deal with trolls.

Absolutely awesome Doctor Who crafts. I'd love a custom Aquaman in that style.

Advice from Jane Yolen on how to find your plot. Be sure to click through and read the comic, which uses repurposed pages from the actual graphic novel.

Aquaman! Control your sea friends... Seal pup doesn't wanna be in the water, so it ends up sitting on the dashboard of a car, enjoying the storm from a warm and dry spot.

Smartie the Seal

While I don't think alternative medicines are a good idea for everything, I also don't believe they should be automatically ignored. This story seems to illustrate that, and it seems to me that the parents went about it just the right way, as well. Trust in your doctors, but don't be afraid to question.

An idea on how to fix the too-big-to-fail problem. I think I mostly agree. It could work, but would never get through our broken political process.