Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What, more links?

I had an art history professor once say that you will see a news report about the Mona Lisa at least once a year. Here's one now...

Speaking of history, a hairdresser rocked the world of archaeology by figuring out how all those ancient hairdos actually worked. And even got a paper on the subject published!

Boing Boing has a time lapse video of "Nemo" the snowstorm hitting Boston.

Ah, keys! gives us 5 reasons publishers rejected books that later became best-sellers.

What an awful headline to an otherwise decent story. Carol Tilley has proved that Fredric Wertham lied, not just misled but flat out lied, in his book blaming comic books for juvenile delinquency.

Here's a really disturbing story about the man who shot Bin Laden and what his life has become since then.

Stalker, an article about a man who was stalked and what it does to him. It's also about self-blame. My own experience with stalking indicates that you simply can't win in those situations.