Saturday, March 23, 2013

Massive Linkdump

While I've never been a huge P!nk fan, I do like some of her songs. Now I like her even more. Showing basic human decency in the middle of a concert can be tough in today's world. But she showed it.

Cake mixes make life a little easier. But you don't have to buy them. Here's a brownie mix you can pre-make and prepare when needed. Also, the comments on this post are very interesting for the potential substitutions.

I kind of want this T-shirt, but a) I haven't got any money and b) I don't really need any more t-shirts. So I guess I'll just enjoy the illo as is.

Time Machine T-Shirt

This is freakin' cool. Leonard Nimoy writes a response to a teen's letter about how difficult it was to be a half-white, half-black child. Really worth reading. Via Blastr.

Need to make a quick meal? Cressida Bell created an awesome poster that can get you started with some basic ingredients (there's also a vegetarian version).

I can't decide whether I like the videos of a Russian bus driver who doesn't stop for vehicles that cut him off or I'm horrified by his aggressive driving.

I'm not sure I believe this story, but it's an interesting argument about violence in games.

Cracked tends to language that I think of as lazy (e.g. swear words) but I have to admit I like a lot of the articles. Like Five shockingly advanced ancient buildings and Six most (awesome) way people have escaped countries


Eric TF Bat said...

Laura - the image for the t-shirt didn't come up. Here's a copy you can link to directly: