Tuesday, April 02, 2013


If you aren't reading Love and Capes, check it out online. At Emerald City Comicon this year we went ahead and got all the trades. It's that good.

Love and Capes

Science is also good. Here are 27 science fictions that became fact in 2012.

Speaking of science fiction, here's a heartbreaking essay about lack of reading in Mexico. I see this happening here, too. A culture that does not read for pleasure is a dead culture.

Pay up or have your life ruined. How a judge came down on a group of copyright trolls that threatened people who refused to pay with being associated with porn companies. Nasty stuff, and the account linked is amazing. UPDATE: Boing Boing posted a follow-up today.

Slate has posted a flowchart of How to win any climate change argument, but they should have included at the end "with a reasonable person" since most climate change deniers aren't going to be persuaded by mere facts.

People who seriously believe childhood diseases are "good for you" are mentally ill. An example is given by John Stumbles regarding the death of Roald Dahl's daughter from measles and a current book that actually promotes getting measles as a good thing.