Friday, March 21, 2014

It's Friday, what have I accomplished?

My favorite piece of classical music as I'd never heard it before.

That's your fun from me for the day. After the jump I'm going to post some general thoughts...

Ok, if you are reading this, you've either loaded this post from somewhere besides my front page or you've followed the jump.

This week I made a resolution to attempt to blog at least once a day. Just this week. Sunday to Sunday. I haven't done it yet, since this is Friday, but I'm doing ok. At the same time, I decided to try the same thing on the Aquaman blog. This, I decided, would be much harder. However, it's not impossible. I still need a couple more post ideas, but maybe I'll come up with something.

This week I wrote a few stories at work, as usual. There are times I look at how much I write in a single day and wonder how the heck I manage it. I also look at the subjects of my stories and wonder how my head holds it all in. I do wonder how reporters who always do hard news can survive. I prefer doing happy stories sometimes to break up the intensity.

I only attended one meeting this week, the parks and recreation board. It was actually really relaxing and casual. Not a lot was accomplished as far as action was concerned, but I felt like the members of the board were positive and could work together.

I also took sports pictures last night at a soccer game. I can't say I got a great picture, but I prefer daylight soccer to just about any other sport. Much easier to shoot and get a handful of usable pictures.

Tomorrow I'll be very very busy. I start around 9 a.m. and have five different events leading right up to about 1 p.m. Then I'm going to the high school for a pageant tomorrow night. Fun. I've got three sports photos in there: golf, soccer and fastpitch. Hopefully I'll get some good pictures.

Also during the past week I've worked on the Aquaman Wiki and website. There's a lot to do, as long as I'm in the mood to do it. I really want to catch up on the current Aquaman series on the wiki. I feel pretty ... um.... I think "pathetic" is the word... that I haven't gotten at least that much done.

Sadly, that's pretty much my life. Work and Aquaman. Oh, Eric and I get a little time together, but not nearly enough. I spend my lunches with Inkwell most days, although tomorrow is going to be really tough. It's a surprisingly good life.

One more slightly amusing thing. I have a very old La-Z-Boy recliner that I have been using as my main chair since we moved to this house, and probably a little bit of time back in the old Frankenhouse. Anyway, it has had some aging issues, and at one point "broke" so I couldn't sit in it with it reclined. I figured that problem out and fixed it with a nice solid wire from Ace Hardware.

Recently, it's been having trouble un-reclining. I couldn't get the footrest to go back down after sitting in it. After examining it this morning, I really didn't think I could fix it, but I knew I had to try at least once more before trying to find another chair to use. If I could even just get the footrest to go down, I could still use the chair. With the footrest up I couldn't get in and out of it very easily.

So, this evening, with Inkwell curiously examining it along with me, I finally figured out the mechanism that controls the footrest and worked out where it was sticking. I was able to loosen the piece that was having troubles, readjusting it and putting it into where I think it's supposed to be sitting. It looked to me like it had gotten just a bit out-of-whack, causing the problem. I've been using the chair for about an hour now, up and down, and the footrest is working better than it has in months. Sometimes I can accomplish things...