Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Sunday Review

Here are reviews of the DCBS comic books that I've gotten around to reading and reviewing, sorted by the original shipping date:
  • May 14th
  • Astro City #12 - This is probably the first issue of this title that I didn't love. Don't get me wrong, it was good, but it didn't hit me in the happy spot like pretty much every other issue of the book. I just didn't like the main character, at all. The last issue was fantastic... this one was just better than most other comics.
  • Fables #140 - It's the beginning of the end for Fabletown. I guess it makes sense.
  • Justice League United #1 - That's a very different origin for Adam Strange than any I've seen before. Not sure I like it, but at least it's original.
  • World's Finest #23 - I'm not really sure where this book is heading at the moment. I like the characters, but when they are off doing separate things and having crossovers with books I don't buy it gets annoying. Now I'm just lost.
  • Green Lantern Corps #31 - Now things are starting to move at a decent pace after months of boring issues.
  • Smallville Lantern #2 - There's too much happening in this book, and not enough references to previous events to keep me on track. I'm really finding it hard to enjoy this title... just like I found it difficult to enjoy the show after a couple of seasons.
  • Tales from the Con: Year One - If you've seen Tales from the Con at the Emerald City Comicon website, then you'll know exactly what to expect. In fact, you'll have read most of these. If not, go check it out.
  • Spongebob Comics #32 - This issue starts a multi-part Mermaid Man story, with art by Jerry Ordway. Good stuff!
  • FCBD
  • FCBD: Atomic Robo & Friends - The single paragraph intros inside the front cover were extremely useful in figuring these stories out. The stories themselves were decent: the first two were done-in-ones while the last was a sampler. I'm interested.
  • FCBD: Uber: The First Cycle - As the end of WWII approaches, a German secret project bears fruit and the ubermensch are unleashed. Brutal book, mostly text, that describes in detail how it happened. Interesting, but a little too gory for me.
  • FCBD: All You Need Is Kill/Terra Formars - Neither of these make any sense. Or at least, neither make enough sense for me to shell out money to get them and try to figure out what they are about.
  • FCBD: Dark Horse Avatar, Hellboy, Juice Squeezers - Avatar was fun, I haven't read/seen much of it although I've been aware of it. Hellboy was cute and Juice Squeezers was just strange.
  • FCBD: V-Wars - Another book with a lot of text. A virus is released from arctic ice that turns people into vampires. The point-of-view character is a specialist on ancient vampire myths. Some good and some gory in here.
  • FCBD: Zombie Tramp & Ehmm Theory - Another two books that I will never have any interest in reading, although both have solid enough concepts. Definitely not for children.
  • FCBD: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Knowing almost nothing about the show, this comic wasn't really a great introduction. And I'm just not overwhelmingly impressed by the story without some understanding of what the character are. I think a fan of the show might find this interesting, though.

Fortean Times #313
Fortean Times #313 (May 2014). I admit, I've never seen The Exorcist. Nor do I particularly intend to. Nothing in this issue celebrating its 40th anniversary made me any more inclined to go watch it, either. The main article describes the debut of the movie in the UK and how the country reacted to it. Another article goes into a really horrible incident involving an exorcism that clearly didn't succeed. The history of exorcism is investigated in a fairly good article that also emphasizes all the bad involved in the practice. There's another article on a very recent haunting in Indiana, which also involved exorcisms.

Forum starts with an article that complains about mistranslations in the story of Noah's Ark while the second article is about all the attempts to find the historical ark and all the folks who have lost a lot of money contributing to those vain efforts.

Strangedays starts with the missing Malaysian flight and the efforts, some very strange, to find it. There's a medical mixed bag that includes guys with tails and bugs surviving inside the body. More bits cover a crocodile in Bristol, out-of-body experimentation, and clocks that stop when a person dies. There's also some follow-ups from previous issues, which I always enjoy reading. Sometimes things that seemed really weird get explained, other times things just get weirder.

In the world of UFOs, a leaked Snowden document is finally found to include them... but not the way true believers would hope. The UFO files is about Mars and Area 51 secrets. The UFO Casebook asks what animals perceive that humans do not when people have UFO sightings. Blasts from the Past looks at the German aeronauts of 1907, who visited several places in Tennessee. Illustrated Police News is about a very unfortunate baby and Phenomenomix continues with more about Yeats.

Konspiracy Korner is about Birchers, Fluoride and Nazi ETs. Ghostwatch looks at weather-related hauntings. An extra-sized Classical Corner is about floods. There's also an extra bit there on ancient footprints found in mud. Archaeology wonders how a kangaroo got into a 16th century manuscript. It also revisits the old coins found on Vancouver Island that suggest Francis Drake may have gone further than history tells us.

Lots of great reviews, including a lovely review of a book that only earned a 4 out of 10. The letters were solid, while "it happened to me" has a great little horror tale. There's also a special piece from Linda Blair, describing how she perceived all the fuss around the filming of The Exorcist and what she's done with her life since being in the movie. Another strong issue.