Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Morning thoughts

I can't honestly say I'm surprised by the result in Ferguson. The system is messed up. Any prosecutor who sets up an evening press conference, building the tension like that, ought to be driven out of office on the rails. The man was trying to get a negative reaction. It was a national embarrassment.

My own opinion is complicated. I don't know what happened because I haven't seen the evidence. But it seemed to me that an indictment would have cleared everything up. As it was, we basically got a secret trial. No one will have their opinion changed by this decision. If the officer was justified, a trial would have cleared it up. Now? He's going to be forever guilty in many people's eyes, just as the kid he killed will be forever a thug in many people's eyes. It was a dumb choice by the prosecutor. Again, the guy needs to be fired and perhaps ought to pay for all the damage done by the riots he intentionally stoked.

In other news, I had a city council meeting last night. I'm going to have some difficulties writing about it, but then... I usually do. I often end up re-listening to the audio several times to make sure I get things right. It's annoying and time-consuming. But the folks in town deserve to understand what their council-critters are talking about and doing. Hopefully I'll be able to make sense of the nonsense that goes on at council meetings and turn it into something a normal person can read.

Inkwell has been terribly cuddly lately, jumping up on my lap and motioning at me to move my laptop over so he can settle in. Last night he brought one of his toys (a teaser with a long handle!) up onto the bed and settled between Eric and I for the night, but not before meowsaging me by sitting on my chest, purring loudly and giving me a massage with alternating paws stretched out and then pulled in. Eric apparently got a picture of Inkwell on top of my face while I tried to get whiskers out of my nose.

Ok, school board meeting tonight... I can endure the work schedule and get to Thursday... I can do this...