Friday, January 30, 2015

Morning Thoughts

And boom, there goes my streak again. Apparently I have enough time to read books but not enough time (or willpower) to post to my blog. Ah well.

It's been a frustrating week, work-wise. I have been up and down, but never quite on the right footing. My assignments are getting done, barely. After the long meeting on Monday I just feel off. Last night I was taking pictures of wrestling, but the meet started an hour later than originally scheduled... and I had to rush off and go to a school board meeting before the meet was over. Ug.

Cupcakes at the school board meeting... I tweeted a photo of one. Celebrating how great the school board is. Admittedly, it's apparently a great school board, but that gets mentioned a little too often, I think. On the other hand... cupcakes!

Another long day ahead today. First I need to go write about the school board meeting, then I need to head off to get photos at a cheerleading camp. Then tonight, basketball photos. I must remember to put my camera's batteries on the charger when I get to work.

Not much to report on the home front. Inkwell has been needy lately, which makes me worry that he might be sick. But he seems energetic enough. I'm keeping an eye on him to see if he shows any signs of a problem.

Ah well, I'm off to work early. See you in the funny pages.