Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Morning Thoughts

So Inkwell is so addicted to catgrass that he'll actually go into the bathroom, which he's scared of because it's where he gets his showers. He will sit at the door of the bathroom and look at me hopefully, meow... then he'll go in and get on the counter, waiting for me to bring the catgrass down for him to nom on.

The catgrass "lives" in the windowsill of the bathroom because that's the one window in the house that gets the best light and is difficult for Inkwell to reach. He seems inclined to try to jump up to it, but I keep filling the bathtub, which is right under the window. He gets pretty spooked by the water.

Ok, random Doctor Who picture:

So, is this photoshopped, or what?

Another view of vaccinations: Roald Dahl's story.

I would write more, but my computer is being incredibly slow, so I'll just post this and get to work.