Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hugo update


Well, another nominee has withdrawn from consideration, but they did not make the deadline before the ballots were locked. There's a regular round-up of comments about the gaming of the Hugo nominations over on

I'm still in favor of people who vote on the Hugos going forward by picking the best of the nominees... and putting "No Award" at the bottom of the ballot while leaving off anything not worthy of a Hugo. I see the reasoning in people voting "No Award" in all categories dominated by the slate nominees, but I disagree with that. I'd be more inclined to give people who definitely didn't have any part in the slate nominations, except to be unfortunate enough to be nominated by the slaters, a chance. And I think gaming the voting is every bit as bad as gaming the nominations.

That said, I'm interested in seeing the final results. Those will indicate how Worldcon fandom and the Hugos will go in the future.