Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Free Speech and Shootings?

The Daily Show had a good piece on not shooting people you disagree with... (trying to embed the video here)

While the whole piece is interesting, the bit I want to address is the idiocy of supposedly religious people murdering those who insult their religion. In short, if your religion is threatened by people making fun of it, then either you have no faith or your religion is false. By attempting to silence critics by violence, you are saying, "my religion is so weak and false that I have to defend it by hurting people." People who are secure in their faith can laugh off insults and ignore blasphemy from non-believers. Only those who have no faith use weapons to defend their beliefs. That goes for any religion at all.

So every time I see a report of "Islamic Terrorists" I just think, those guys don't actually have any God except Death. They don't follow the prophet, they follow hate. Same thing with Christians who use violence. We don't hear about it as much, but there's plenty of nutcases out there who want to kill people who aren't Christians or the right kind of Christians. Those people aren't followers of Jesus, they believe in Death. Every time they use violence they undermine the religion they claim to believe in and prove that they, themselves, are weak-willed idiots.