Thursday, May 07, 2015

Linkdump for a Thursday night

A study has determined measles makes people more susceptible to other diseases, probably because it kills off white blood cells that are programmed to defend against other diseases. So, all those parents who claim that "natural" immunity is better than vaccines... well, they are idiots. But then, we already knew that.

A Florida woman called for help via Pizza Hut, using the comments on the online ordering system to tell employees that she was in trouble. Heck, I just use those comment spots to ask employees to draw something for me or thank them for being awesome.

If you haven't seen the Amy Schumer video, check it out. It's spot on satire about the War on Women currently being conducted in the name of religion, mostly by far-right extremists supported by folks who should know better.

Usually we don't hear about school districts that do the right thing by their students, which is why I'm linking to this awesome story about a young man who recognized a problem, complained, and got a swift and positive response from district officials. Good job, Alex!

I'm not sure whether to giggle or cry when I read about Apple watches having trouble with tattoos. It reminds me a bit of this story about how photography was optimized for people with light skin.

Gush. This one kind of hit me hard, be warned.

Boing Boing has a Not Safe For Work story about an unusual way to draw attention to potholes to get them fixed. Pun intended.

A neat use for the Raspberry Pi computer is making the Tin Man's heart glow.