Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Sunday Review

Recent TV:

  • Gotham: Season One - Brooding and dark, with hints of humor. My least favorite part of the show in the beginning of the season was Fish Mooney, who couldn't seem to eat enough scenery. She toned it down a little toward the end, but not really enough. I love Selina and Alfred, they are the best things about the show by a mile and a half. Bullock comes in a distant number three. My only complaint about Selina is how stupidly she follows Fish at the end of the series... like she lost all her brains just for that episode. That means Alfred is the number one reason to watch the show, and he doesn't get nearly enough screen time. Overall, I'd give it six out of ten stars. It was sometimes really good, but other times it was really bad.
  • Arrow: Season Three - I've been watching this show extremely casually since the beginning. There have been lots of good moments, but like Gotham, it's shaky and uneven at times. Having Barrowman play a villain kept me watching, and Felicity's development has been fun to watch. The biggest problem with the show is that, in the end, there isn't even a single character I identify with or want to cheer for. Not even Felicity, after she turns her back on Ray. So, I'll watch it, but only for Barrowman and because the hubby is already watching it. Five out of ten.
  • The Flash: Season One - I fully expected to dislike this show. I've never been a huge Flash fan, although his interactions with Aquaman tend to be some of the best crossovers the A-man gets. But this one drew me in from the start with the mystery of Wells, the nerdiness of Cisco and the friendliness of Caitlin. The plots were varied enough, not focusing entirely on freak-of-the-week, to keep me cheering and curious what steps would be taken next. The romantic plotline started to get old after awhile, but still managed to hold some tension. And the finale was simply excellent. Add in the potential futures for Cisco and Caitlin based on their names, and this show is even more interesting. In the end, this was by far the best of the three DC-related shows we watched last season. Eight out of ten.

Here are reviews of the DCBS comic books that I've gotten around to reading and reviewing, sorted by the original shipping date:
  • May 6th
  • Convergence #5 - Yay! We've changed one baddie for another! I honestly can't think of anything else to say... it's just... not a lot.
  • Convergence: Harley Quinn #2 - I think that boyfriend is WAY better off than he will ever realize. As for Harley, lots of fun in this one.
  • Convergence: Justice League #2 - I really liked the Vixen/Aquaman battle. And Mera's actions at the end, very nice. In fact, I really enjoyed this two-parter, which I was not expecting at all.
  • Flash: Season Zero #8 - Trying to rescue King Shark? Well, such is the life of a superhero.
  • Scooby-Doo Team-Up #10 - Jonny Quest? Ok, that was pretty good. I love how the characters are pretty much self-aware of their cliches and such, but just keep moving forward despite it all.
  • Wonder Woman '77: Special #1 - Honestly, I preferred the Wonder Woman stories set in WWII by far to the later ones. But this book, and the nice essay in the back, is giving me a reason to reconsider.