Monday, June 08, 2015


There have always been women in comics. Since the very beginning, really.

Dalek Relaxation Tape. "Your tension has been EX-TER-MIN-ATED!"

I'm still amused by the Wheel of Time pilot that was shown early in the morning back in February on the FXX Network.

A scientific explanation as to why cats rule the internet.

Bleeding Cool looks at subscription boxes. I've been tempted, but my tastes tend to be fairly narrow. I suspect I would usually be disappointed by all of these.

Doctor Puppet, videos on YouTube...

Yes in Pictures. via.

That would be a dangerous wedding to attend.

Remember that guy who used Kickstarter to raise $10 to make a potato salad? Then it went viral? Well, Potatostock has happened, and it sounds like it ended up being a win-win all around.

I backed another Kickstarter graphic novel of world's colliding. And the second volume of another Kickstarter as well. I have the first volume.

I also bought a fantasy storybundle, thanks to Sherwood Smith, who mentioned it and made me curious.