Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Sunday Review

Here are reviews of the DCBS comic books that I've gotten around to reading and reviewing, sorted by the original shipping date:
  • May 27th
  • Convergence #8 - So, if I understand this correctly, the entire history of universe changing events has been undone by Convergence. The Multiverse, which was always there but supposedly beyond reach, is now intact again. Stories in the DCU can be set in any universe. That alone makes this two-month DC-is-moving-offices filler event almost worth it. Yeah, it could have been better, but I happen to like that this cosmic reset button has been pushed.
  • Convergence: Justice Society of America #2 - A fun rumble into the past. I really like those heroes, and I kind of wish we had a book that just wrote new adventures for the classic Justice Society.
  • Convergence: Shazam #2 - Yay for the Marvel family in action. Yay for a gaslight Gotham. Not a bad little bit of convergence.
  • Convergence: World's Finest Comics #2 - I don't really like the way this one ended. I'm a fan of Scribbly from way back, and while it's nice to see him battle it out, I wanted a happier ending. This one was uncertain and somewhat bleak.
  • Batman '66 #23 - Solomon Grundy and Clayface, in one issue. I love this origin of Clayface, it makes a lot of sense in the context of the series. My main problem with Grundy was the clothing he was wearing... it didn't really seem to match what the guy would have been buried in. However, that's a minor nit. This was fun.
  • Secret Wars 2099 #1 - I pre-ordered this book for one reason only. It's written by Peter David, who I trust to deliver a complete story despite annoying crossovers. I was not disappointed. This is a good set-up to an event I don't give a fig about, and features an interesting future for Spiderman 2099. So I'm in for the whole mini.
  • Hoax Hunters 2015 #3 - This issue is pretty much incomprehensible without rereading the last issue and getting up to date. The artwork is dark and muddy, which could be appropriate in places, but on every page it gets old. I'd like to be able to see the art that goes with what I'm reading. Not my favorite issue.