Friday, July 24, 2015

Convention Business Meeting Video

One of the big things expected to happen at the Hugo Business Meeting this year is that people will be proposing a method to prevent slates from taking over the Hugos in future years. For the Hugos, it takes two years for a proposal like this to pass, so if it passes, it won't be effective until the 2017 Hugo nominations.

Because of this, the business meeting might be interesting this year. To introduce people who may have never participated in a business meeting before to the concept, Kevin Standlee made the following video that describes the procedures used in the meeting. This is mostly old hat for me, since I cover city council and school board meetings for the newspaper, but some people may find this eight-minute video enlightening. Even with my experience, I found a couple of things about convention business meetings to be different to the kind I usually attend.

If you have any intention of going to the Hugo business meeting, or if you might want to get involved in other conventions' meetings, this video might be useful to you.