Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Week in Review

It's been a very long week.

I wish I could say more, but I really don't have a lot of energy to write. I started to fight off a cold on Tuesday, and have been struggling to keep up the pace ever since. About 10 a.m. on Friday I finally gave up and took the rest of the day as a sick day. I slept until well after Eric had gotten home.

Let's see if I can remember any highlights...

Monday I had a council meeting. It was a fairly normal one, except with cake for the retiring finance director. There was a tense moment that later became a tense story. I was not happy with the situation and I'm still a little queasy about the story.

Also on Monday I took a museum photo that featured a skeleton playing a piano.

Tuesday I had a council meeting in a different town. I was so wiped by the time I got home from my regular day on Tuesday that I fell asleep on the couch until Eric got home and helped me wake up in time to go to the council meeting.

Either Monday or Tuesday I went and talked with kids about live-streaming sports events and wrote up a story about it. That was fun.

Wednesday was my light day, but I still had several appointments to go to. When I got home I crashed into bed and didn't wake up for hours. It wasn't enough.

Thursday was the heavy day, with a morning event, an afternoon event and a volleyball game. The morning event went fine. When I pointed out the afternoon event ran for two hours, the editor decided we could skip it, sparing me hours of tedium. The new publisher wanted to try live-tweeting a volleyball match, and I was game for it, so I stayed for the whole thing and did it while also getting some good photos for the paper.

Again, Friday I was starting to lose the battle with the evil cold, and left work "early" after a half-day. Under the new publisher, we have a bunch of paperwork to go through before we leave sick, so I tromped around the office trying to figure out what I needed and how to fill it out while stressing about the really simple typos I'd made earlier in the morning.

I usually try to take notes about my days during the week so when I get to the end I can write up a detailed report with happy little anecdotes... but this week was too stressful. If I wasn't working I was sleeping or trying desperately to rest my body for the next hurdle. I'm actually amazed I made it until Friday. I know some interesting things happened this week, but most of it is already gone down the memory hole.

I'm glad I've had the weekends off for the last two weeks... but over that time I had seven nights with night events to cover out of ten nights. That's just a little too many. We really need a sports reporter to free up our evening/morning schedules. Right now I'm barely making it. And it's not any better for my co-workers, who are also feeling the pain of too many night meetings followed by early mornings. The schedule is not sustainable.