Monday, April 25, 2016


Maisie Williams crashes a Game of Thrones viewing party.

I do not want to travel on these bridges... Google Earth algorithms result in strange images thanks to texture mapping. These aren't actually glitches, they are the result of how the program looks at data.

I'm not sure I get the science behind using seawater for heating, but I'm happy to see an effort to reduce the use of fossil fuels. More here.

How about a little Flash? The Chronicles of Cisco, Part 1:

An Australian politician sets a river on fire to show that fracking isn't harmless. The only people who don't think fracking is dangerous and damaging are people who are profiting from it, apparently. It's causing massive pollution, seepage of methane, and even earthquakes. But the companies insist it's safe. Huh.

The first responses to Seattle's wage hikes ($12.50 an hour now, going up to $15 an hour by January 2018) are coming in, and prices just haven't changed. It's still far too soon to see the long-term impacts, but so far the prognosis is positive.