Thursday, June 15, 2017

A Hugo Review: Best Fancast - Ditch Diggers

Ditch Diggers is a podcast focused on writing, as an art and business.

I listened to the three episodes recommended in the packet, #22: The Guide to Absolute Failure, #26: Agent/Author Relations with Kameron Hurley and Hannah Bowman and #27: Madeline Ashby talks futurism. The formats of the featured selections included one with the hosts talking to each other and the audience, and two with a casual interview format.

The good: The interviews were interesting and funny, particularly the one with agent and author talking about their relationship. The guide to absolute failure was amusing.

The bad: The length is too long for my tastes (yeah, I know) and I really dislike the theme song, which reminds me of the crappy rap song at the beginning of the Doctor Who episode "Greatest Show in the Galaxy". My prude alarm went off several times, as the language is uncensored and for adults. The show seems to be done "live" as it could easily be edited to half the length and retain the charm - there were a few silences and dead air moments that left me unimpressed.

Conclusion: Not my favorite of the many podcasts I've listened to. For the moment it takes the number two spot on the ballot.

Best Fancast: I've listened to Tea and Jeopardy and Ditch Diggers. I still need to listen to The Coode Street Podcast, Fangirl Happy Hour, and Galactic Suburbia.