Monday, June 12, 2017

A Hugo Review: Best Fancast - Tea and Jeopardy

Tea and Jeopardy provides just a little peril with your podcast, with host Emma and her disturbing butler Latimer.

I was introduced to this podcast from a previous Hugo nomination, and have been keeping an ear on it ever since. I've recently allowed myself to listen to podcasts more often, particularly while I'm playing video games, and this is always charming and fun.

The good: Emma is such a perfect host, with her polite comments and offers of tea and cake. She asks just the right amount of questions and lets the conversation wander before taking it firmly back in hand. Latimer is wonderfully sinister and amusing in the background. The chickens are a delight and make absolutely no sense - which makes them perfect. The guests are often some of the best writers in the field, which adds to the joy.

The bad: I can't imagine how she's going to keep coming up with different types of peril for her guests. I would have run out of great ideas by now, personally.

Conclusion: I have enjoyed every episode of this podcast I've listened to, and learned about a number of new projects through it. It is definitely the one for the other finalists to beat.

Best Fancast: I've listened to Tea and Jeopardy. I still need to listen to The Coode Street Podcast, Ditch Diggers, Fangirl Happy Hour, and Galactic Suburbia.