Saturday, July 15, 2017

Last Day for Hugo Voting

Ok... just logged in one last (?) time and made only two changes, so I think I'm pretty much done with it. There are so many good pieces this year (compared to my first two years of voting) so I'm likely going to be happy at most of the winners. I'm still a little upset I couldn't finish the Best Series category, but it's a bit much to expect anyone to read five series they'd never read before in two months along with everything else in the packet, so I guess I shouldn't be.

I'm going to be trying to read a lot more short fiction this year than last - keeping up on the pace I set for reading during the Hugo voting, I hope. I will be posting my little reviews as I go, although I don't promise to review everything I read. I would get even more bogged down.

I'm still debating whether or not to ROT13 stuff I feel is spoilery... if you have an opinion on it, please let me know (I have a bookmark that automatically deciphers ROT13 so I never think of it as a pain to read - but some people might find it more difficult).

If you have any recommendation for novels that I ought to read for next year's Hugos, please let me know. I read all the comments that aren't clearly spam, so I'll see your recommendation even if I don't reply. For short works I'm finally getting around to reading this year's Uncanny Magazine and using Rocket Stack Rank to find short works from other publishers.