Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Halloween 2017 Post-Mortem

It may be time for another Halloween Fundraiser next year. I'm seriously considering doing a fundraiser in the spring to get enough money to get comic books and candy bars for the 800-1,000 kids who visit us every year. My post about it on Facebook garnered some positive thoughts, so it might be worth doing. And if I push it back to spring, I won't be nearly as frantic as I was in 2014 when I did it in the summer.

If we do this again, I really really want a front-door security cam that I can set to streaming so everyone who contributes can join the fun of watching the hordes descend upon our house. But the cost of a decent (doesn't have to be great) wi-fi cam is as much as the cost of buying comic books and candy bars for 1,000 kids, so I'm not sure it's the best use of time and money. I can always take video with my iPad again - but a live-stream would be SO MUCH fun. Especially if I limited it to people who contributed to the fund... hmmmm...

Well, that's all dream-stuff for the moment. I will ask that any of my friends who might have extra mini-comics from this or previous Halloweens sitting around to feel free to send them to me. That way I can give them out next year regardless of whether or not I run a fundraiser or livestream.

A total of 800 children wasn't bad. I like having extra candy, if only because it means everyone got something. I wish I could give out handfuls and not just one piece per kid. But when you've had crowds of more than 1,000 children, it's hard to justify giving out more than a single piece.

I'll have to retire to my Laura-lair to decide what to do next. But don't be surprised if I post a fundraising link at some point.