Friday, February 02, 2018

DC Universe Online is going Aquatic...

First there was the announcement that Mera has been added to the Valentine's Day event...

Now DCUO has announced that the next DLC/episode will be called "Deluge" and will be based on the Aquaman storyline featuring the terrorist organization of that name. The new episode will launch next month some time, and will feature Aquaman, Mera, Black Manta, Corum Rath, and Starro! In fact, the Starro event from last year will be folded into this episode.

Aquaman content already in DCUO includes a low-level mission in which you fight off an Atlantean invasion in Metropolis then rescue Aquaman and Mera from Circe, the summer event featuring an Atlantean civil war between Ocean Master and Aquaman's forces fought in the waters near Metropolis, and the aforementioned Starro event which included an Atlantean outpost taken over by Starro after the scientists there made mistakes while studying Starro.

This new episode will be available for a couple of months to everyone, including free-to-play gamers. Right now, the Earth-3 episode is available to all. The development team has set up a system where each new episode has an "event" side that's available to all players of the game until the next episode comes out. Once the next episode is released, anyone who hasn't bought the episode (or a membership to the game) loses access to it.

DCUO has three levels of players. The free-to-play gamers are able to access the main game and the most current "event" episode. The Premium players are people who have spent at least $5 one time on the game, and have a few small perks... and access to any episodes they've bought along with the main game. Players with a membership (legendary players) have access to all episodes for a monthly fee. I'm a premium player.

For me, this means I need to earn enough money through Swagbucks or something to buy the DLC when it comes out (probably about $10), since we can't spare any real cash on it. I haven't used Swagbucks in awhile, because it's really a spammy thing, but I recently got back to it. Through it, I can get Steam gift cards. With the Steam gift cards, I can buy stuff, including the DLCs from the DCUO game. I considered asking for Steam gift cards for Christmas and my birthday, but I felt guilty about it so I didn't.

The good thing about Swagbucks is that I can set it to show a bunch of videos while I'm writing, and I'll earn a few pennies every hour that way. The bad thing is when I get distracted from my writing by the videos and actually start to pay attention to them. At least one of the ads captivated me so much I actually sat and watched the whole thing and forgot what I was writing about. Not good.