Monday, July 23, 2018


I've climbed on board the Ahoy Comics team!

As I've mentioned about 50 times before, I saw this Facebook post and immediately thought of two stories I had been working on. Both were decent enough to be seen, so I spent an hour or so in final editing and sent both of them in. The page said to not expect a response for three weeks, so I was thinking I'd hear back in early August, if at all. I've submitted far too many pieces that I never heard back from to have any expectations any longer.

To my complete shock, I got a response back exactly one week later. I mean, San Diego Comic-Con was on. I didn't expect anything until well after the con was over! The response from the editors said one of my stories was too long, which I had suspected, and the other was under consideration. I was thrilled. I've been published, but this feels like a new step. I was really hoping the team would like the story enough.

This morning I got the news that they wanted to buy the story. I think I bounced around the house for a good hour afterwards, and then bounced when I got the contract, and bounced even more when I got a request for my bio and photo for the Ahoy Comics Creators Page.

What makes this even more sweet is that I was already planning on buying three of the four Ahoy books before I even submitted anything to them. I love the creators they've gotten, and the stories sound fun. And now my bio is up on a page with some of my comic book heroes, which is enough to make me run around the house scaring the cat with my dancing.

To be clear, my story is prose, not a comic book story. I will be able to tell you more as the publication date gets nearer.

And that, my friends, is Ahoy!