Friday, August 03, 2018

False Memories

I have a false memory.

I know it's false because of the timing. In the memory, I'm on school bus with some of my high school cohort. I believe we were going to some kind of event. I remember only a couple of the people with me clearly, but I know for certain it was in high school. Which means it had to have happened before I graduated in June 1990.

We/they were singing a country song. The song I remember is "Friends in Low Places". Which was released in August 1990.

This memory could not have happened the way I remember it. And yet it's very clear in my head. Which is a reminder that memories lie to us. We cannot trust just our memories alone, especially when they are 30-some years old.

I suspect the song was a different one, but for the life of me I cannot figure out what it might have been. I also suspect the bus trip was well before my senior year, more like 1989 or so. But the memory is quite vivid for something I know could not have happened.

Update: After days of thinking about it and looking at other possible songs, I think it might have been "There's a Tear in My Beer". My memory says it was Low Places, but Tear in My Beer fits the attitude and bad singing of the group I was with.


Elayne said...

An anecdote like this makes me feel a little better that I have no real episodic memory. If I did it might very well be lying to me...