Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Pokemon Go and Cameraphone Zen

You may have noticed that I've been posting images in the last week that I simply label "Cameraphone Zen". The original concept of my Cameraphone Zen is just a slightly interesting image that I saw while out walking or being out in the world that I caught with my phone. My first phone didn't have a camera, so having a camera and being able to take photos with my phone was cool. As a result, most of my Cameraphone Zen in the past has involved me being out for exercise - a nice walk or something.

This past week I started playing Pokemon Go with my new phone, which I got on August 28th. There was a slight kerfuffle figuring out that GSM coverage really sucks in this area, so I switched to a CDMA card that Ting thoughtfully sent with the phone and the GSM card and I have excellent coverage now. Ahem. Anyway, I'm playing Pokemon Go and walking at least a half mile almost every day because the obsession with the game is nicely motivating.

The phone on the left is my new Moto G6, on the right is my faithful old LG.

The Cameraphone Zen photos I have posted so far this year each represent about a half-mile walk. I am proud of getting out and walking, since I was despairing of ever getting the motivation to go out again. I don't know yet if I'll be able to lose weight with Pokemon Go, but I needed something to get me out and walking, and this game has definitely worked that way. It's not even that I "gotta catch 'em all", it's that I'm having fun cursing the ones that get away and visiting the various Pokestops around town, most of which are at statues or memorials or churches.

So, my new phone is basically my new personal trainer, insisting I get more Pokemon and Pokeballs and stuff. It's kind of crazy if you think of it that way, but hey, whatever works to get me moving!

In addition to Pokemon, I'm also getting LOTS of photos of Inkwell, who cannot avoid me having a camera I'm happy to use (the LG's camera was difficult to use). I have been posting them to Facebook, but at some point I'll make a nice compilation post of Inkwell for folks to enjoy here, as well.


Elayne said...

I cannot walk and play Pokemon GO at the same time, so I do the latter on my bus commute to and from work. I'm amazed at people who can do things on their phone and perambulate simultaneously.

Tegan said...

I don't exactly walk while I'm playing. It's set to vibrate when I need something, and I know where the pokestops are... so I stop if it vibrates and check my phone. And I stop near the pokestops and spin them while stopped.

Of course, Sunnyside doesn't have crowded sidewalks, so it's much easier for me than someone in, say, New York. Or even in Seattle.

But no, I don't play and walk at the same time. I frequently stop while walking to play. It's the playing that gets me outside, though, and that's the important bit.