Sunday, September 23, 2018

Various Thoughts and stuff

I caught Inkwell on video meowsaging me:

If this works, you should be able to see the video I posted of the event on Facebook. He actually does this to me almost every night, and sometimes in the mornings. He's kind of tucking me into bed. There is sound on the video, and if you dare to turn it up, you can hear Inkwell's purring. Because he's literally on my face as he does this, the sound is deafening to me. It didn't come across on the video as loud as I hear it when he's doing it.


Eric lost his glasses. I was wandering around town catching Pokemon, and got back to find a frantic email about it. I looked around the house and didn't see them, and did a quick walk around the house outside. He had written that if he dropped them outside, it was most likely at the water switch in the back yard. So I looked, but didn't see them. I went back inside and did a much more thorough search of the house before I remembered the security cam. If he had his glasses in his pocket, I might be able to see it on the cam. So I looked! Sure enough, he had his sunglasses on his face and his regular glasses in his front shirt pocket as he locked the door on his way out.

Ok. With that in mind, I realized I was going to have to retrace his steps, which might mean walking all the way to his school. Bleh. I'd just gotten *back* from a long walk. So I decided to circle the house three times before I started out retracing his steps. I walked around once, scanning the ground, and didn't see them. The second time, I focused on the areas near the house. In the deepest shadow near the AC unit I spotted something. Sure enough, it was his glasses! Whew, I didn't have to walk all the way out. (The third time round I would have focused on the areas furthest from the house, but I didn't have to do it, yay!)

I delivered them to his school by driving there (and sitting in the parking lot catching a couple of Pokemon before I went in) and then went home to rest. He was delighted. Neither of us can figure out how they managed to fall out of his pocket into the deepest shadow near the AC unit - which isn't all that close to the water switch.


When my sister and mother came out to go to Adam West Day with me, we first went out to visit my mother's favorite quilt shop in Prosser. I was happy to find a couple of Pokestops in the area, and surprised that my sister had just, that day, started playing the game in the hopes it will have the same positive effect of getting her out walking that it did with me. While mother had a great deal of fun in the quilt shop, I explained some of the little bit of Pokemon lore I've learned so far to my sister and we repeatedly hit the Pokestops. It was fun. I ended up with two new gym badges, one at the memorial in my Cameraphone Zen for Sep 18, and the other a boring Starbucks one near the freeway exit (we were stopped at a light long enough for me to spin it).

We also visited Chukar Cherries, which is literally across the river from the quilt shop. There was another gym across the street from it that I managed to spin as well. I ended up getting three gym badges in Prosser, but only two in Walla Walla (despite spending a lot more time in Walla Walla).


I have been walking my fish.

Time for some Poke-nerdism! The special research tasks apparently introduced to the game recently have various steps to completion. In the step I'm on in one of the tasks, I need to turn a Magikarp (that floppy giant goldfish) into a Gyarados. In order to do this, I have to collect 400 Magikarp "candy". You get three pieces of candy for catching a Pokemon, and one piece if you send that Pokemon to the professor to be studied (basically, you throw it away and get a reward). The other way to collect candy is to walk with your Pokemon as your "buddy". So I have been walking with Fishstix here as my buddy in order to get enough candy to feed to him to turn him into a Gyrados. As of tonight, I'm very close to 300 candies.

Most Pokemon do not require 400 candies. There are some that only need 12 candies to evolve, but more normal is 25, 50 or 100. All of which is not hard to reach by catching a whole lot of Pokemon. Which is the point of the game, and why you need to walk around a lot. The more you walk, the more Pokemon you find, and the more you can evolve your Pokemon and stuff. It's really very fun. And it's got me out walking, which is something I BADLY needed.


Yesterday was a Pokemon Community Day, and what happens on those days is that suddenly one type of Pokemon will just FLOOD the world. The idea is that you are out and about for three hours, walking with your friends and everyone is catching a ton of this one particular type of Pokemon. The last community day, in August, was when my sister got me addicted to the game by having me carry her spare phone and catch Eevee on a long walk with her, another sister, my niece and brother-in-law. Side note: if you are confused about my sisters, I have four of them and three of them have been mentioned in this post so far.

Anyway, so yesterday was the new Community Day, and of COURSE I went out to catch Pokemon...

I caught plenty. I even got two that were special "Shiny" ones, although I'm not entirely sure what to do with them, since their stats are awful.

I originally intended to walk for three hours, strolling around the park and sitting for a portion of the time. I was hoping to meet some other local players. Well... it was very odd. There were other people, but they pretty much all stayed in their cars and went from area to area by car. I didn't get to talk to even one of them.

Only a couple of days earlier I met another player who friended me on the app. He didn't get out of his car, either. But we talked a bit, and we've been sending gifts back and forth, the way the game allows. On Friday I "met" a car-full of people who were on my same team (Team Mystic) when we all took over two gyms together. I waved at them, but they did not get out of their car.

So apparently the local fans are very car-centric. I suppose, with the small-town fear of gangs and stuff, that it's not so strange. A bit sad and depressing, but not strange.

With no one to talk to, or walk with, I decided to just head for home. So I walked home. From the park. I worked out that I must've walked a bit more than two and a half miles over the course of two hours. That's nothing compared to what I used to be capable of, but it was difficult for me yesterday and I ended up taking only a half mile today. However, I got home with an hour to spare in the event and spent the rest of the time relaxing and culling the worst of my catches and evolving a couple of the lovelies to their final form.

I kept the app open, and after the event ended, a really really strange Pokemon showed up:

When I caught them, they turned into the shape-changing Ditto. But before now, Ditto has always shown up as a known type of Pokemon, so finding these in the wild was... well, wild. And I ended up catching four of them and spotting two more before the day was done. I don't think I've seen any today - certainly none close enough to catch (there's a radar in the corner that shows you nearby Pokemon, but I don't always pay attention to it when I'm not walking).

So... that was community day.


Last week I mentioned that I was recording a podcast with Rob Kelly. You can now listen to that podcast at the Fire & Water website. I haven't quite worked up the nerve to listen to it yet (I'm one of those people who cannot stand the sound of my own voice). If you listen to it, please let me know what you thought.


I spent an unfortunate amount of time today looking for nerdy boxer shorts for my husband to wear around the house and outside when he gets the newspaper or turns the irrigation water on. You know, shorts. But boxers. I looked everywhere, and apparently it's a current trend that boxers not be boxers, but briefs with long legs. Every place I looked had "boxer briefs" and almost no actual boxers. The times I did find interesting designs, they didn't have his size. I have currently given up the search. A few years back I got him some very cool Doctor Who and Justice League boxers. But the band is nearly worn through on the Justice League and I'm not sure how much longer the Doctor Who boxers will hold out. So I'm going to need to find some more boxer shorts soonish (He's letting me buy them because "You're the one who is looking at them most of the time.").

After giving up on boxers, I started looking at Pokemon T-shirts (hey, I'm obsessed. It happens with me. Deal with it.). I found a number of shirts I wouldn't mind getting and even added a few to Amazon wish list. My favorite may be the Going to the Gym shirt. But even Eric thinks this one is appropriate for me: