Tuesday, February 19, 2019

I Respect Your Joy

A number of people asked me about this shirt, which I wore on Saturday at Gallifrey One. This is the link to Zazzle. Please feel free to take my words and make your own version - I am not claiming this as my own by copyright. We all should respect each other's joys.

The back of the shirt has a quote from a David Gerrold Facebook post on it (edited to allow wearing in public). Should anyone purchase this shirt from Zazzle, any commission I get will go to a charity I know Gerrold supports (I couldn't figure out how to just turn off commissions).

I respect your joy
My fandom is inclusive not exclusive

Don't chill my thrill,
Don't yuck my yum,
Don't stop my bop,
Don't poop my boop,
Don't sad my glad,
Don't stress my bless,
Don't ploy my joy,
Don't flay my play,
Don't troll my droll,
Don't quibble my tribble —

— or I will launch your haunch.

-David Gerrold (May 2018)