Sunday, August 25, 2019

A Sunday Comic Books Review

Here are reviews of the DCBS comic books that I've gotten around to reading and reviewing, sorted by the original shipping date:
  • Jul 18th
  • Half StarfishJustice League #4 - Nope. Still no interest. I hope this story ends soon.
  • Two StarfishGreen Lanterns #51 - Huh. It's not that it's a bad story, it's just that it holds no interest for me. The Cosmic nature of the GL Corps doesn't spark my imagination, this time.
  • Four StarfishArchie Meets Batman '66 #1 - Ah, that's more like it. I think these crossovers are remarkably silly, but that's half the fun. And while this will never live up to Archie vs the Punisher, this is a promising start. I like how it's Veronica noticing the problems first. This will be a good ride.

  • Jul 25th
  • Four StarfishMera: Queen of Atlantis #6 - I'm a sap, because I was genuinely upset that Orm didn't get returned to the surface by Mera. I'll also say I doubted turning Tula into Orm's sister, but it really worked well for this story. This entire series was great, and I would love to see more like it in the future.
  • Four StarfishAquaman #38 - Among all the other sins of Dark Knights: Metal, I can also lay the blame for the ending of this book on it. Still, overall the issue wasn't bad. I liked seeing all of Atlantis unite, although it was annoying in that standard comic book way to see the bad guys leave at the end instead of being dead and gone.
  • Three and a half StarfishBatman Beyond #22 - Wow, the Creeper. Not a bad set-up story, but it's really all set-up and not much more. Still, good stuff.
  • Four StarfishScooby-Doo Team-Up #40 - With Swamp Thing involved, I expected one of the slightly half-serious issues. Happily, I was completely wrong. This was pure fun classic Scooby-Doo with lots of guests and some actual real information about zombies mixed in with the superhero/villain goofiness. Good times.