Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Kidney Saga part 63

Ha. I thought I had missed the severe exhaustion from the infusion, but it hit me about 10am yesterday, pretty much knocking me completely out for several hours. The other side effect I noticed was a very mild nausea that came and went, usually like my stomach just flipping a little. Nothing serious, but noticeable.

In addition, the hydration they did at the infusion allowed the pee pill to do its work a little more intensely yesterday than the last week and - well, I think I need to get a bidet eventually but for now I'm glad Eric and I have plenty of toilet paper (late last year we accidentally bought an extra case when we thought the case in the pantry was kitchen paper towels).

Not a lot more to report about yesterday. I'm still very weak, although I suspect I could walk safely without the walker. I have trouble getting up and sitting down without support, though, so I still need it around. Currently I'm feeling very little pain except the annoying back pain that just hovers there and won't quite go away. I am, of course, worried about the virus reaching me, so mentally I'm as stressed as most folks are at the moment.

I still keep looking for good diabetes/kidney friendly recipes. It's a bit difficult to find recipes that cater to both problems. DaVita is my current best source, but I bookmark any site I find that has more. I really want to be able to get back in the kitchen and make some stuff myself, but I currently cannot stand up for very long, so I'm going to have to keep that in mind.

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