Sunday, June 14, 2020

A Sunday Comic Books Review

Here are quick and simple reviews of some comic book series that I've gotten around to reading:
  • Four and a half StarfishNaomi #1-6 - I really enjoyed this series. I like Naomi, I like how she's very much her generation, right down to the "gotta see the superhero" stuff. I like that she's practical about suddenly having powers. I like the back-story. I just enjoyed this a lot. Good artwork, fun concept, a new character with a fairly unique origin in many ways - just an all-around fun book to read. I'm looking forward to her future appearances and seeing how she is fleshed out as a superhero.
  • Four StarfishWonder Twins #1-12 - I really didn't know what to expect from this series. I was slightly afraid it would go grim and gritty, but fortunately that didn't happen at all. Instead, it was silly with an underlying pathos that gave it enough depth to enjoy on multiple levels. I'm still grinning about "Thunderlust", but also feel for Jayna's pain and worry for the world and her friendships. The connection to the regular DC Universe seemed odd at first, but I managed to justify it with the idea that this is the way Zan and Jayna see the heroes they are working with, not the way the rest of the world sees them. There are flaws, but overall this is an excellent series worth a read.
  • Three StarfishDial H for Hero #1-12 - For me, the Dial H series are all hit-and-miss. I like some bits and hate others. This one rubbed me the wrong way a lot of times, with the Robby Reed gee whiz nonsense. Good concepts, but the writing felt off. As I learned about Mister Thunderbolt's plan, it seemed oddly familiar. Then I realized it was the concept behind the DC Universe Online game, in which a future Lex Luthor jumps back in time to seed the Earth with "exobytes" that trigger superpowers in most of the population (thus allowing the players of the game to have superpowers). Mister Thunderbolt just wanted to do the same thing to everyone in the Multiverse. So, yeah. It didn't seem all that much original an idea to me. The only thing I really disliked was the constant pausing for "origin stories" that I wasn't interested in at all. I know, it's a fun thing and everyone loves it - except me. I just want to read the story, not another boring origin of a character that I won't see again after five pages. I wasn't sure what to think of Miguel's story, but I liked Summer quite a bit. Not my favorite of the Wonder Comics series, but not too bad.
  • Four and a half StarfishYoung Justice #1-12 - Everything in Wonder Comics comes together as Young Justice is re-formed with all new characters (I love Jinny) and some older stalwarts. I really liked this, even though the sheer number of characters was slightly too many and I have no interest at all in Gemworld. Seeing Conner again was nice, and I'm very interested in the mystery of why Robin cannot remember the team. The whole "lost in the Multiverse" bit was great fun, until it wasn't. The Kingdom Come universe was pretty scary in its implications. I loved how Naomi, the Wonder Twins and eventually the Dial H kids joined the team at the end of the first arc. Definitely looking forward to more from this group, and I hope DC keeps it going for awhile.