Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Rapid Reviews - 28 July 2004 - Part V

Usagi Yojimbo #77: Hmmm. Someone is missing from this issue. Who could it be? It's a very good tale, with the introduction of a great new character and the appearance of three favorites from previous stories. As usual, a great story. Even if a particular character is missing. 4 starfish

Samurai Executioner Vol 1: If you enjoyed Lone Wolf and Cub, but were a bit squeamish about the gore or sex, then you may not enjoy this one as much. I find this somewhat ironic to say, but Lone Wolf and Cub had more hope in it than this story. Itto Ogami's escape from the constraints of his class made his story readable, as you wanted to see where he went. In this story, Asaemon is trapped, and it's remarkably painful to read about his life in a place of no hope. But the artwork and the story are as compelling as LWaC, so this one comes recommended from me. 4 starfish

Noble Causes: Distant Relatives #1-4: Well, what can I say. After getting a freebie of the first trade I've slowly collected the rest of the books. This was the last fill-in to get before the regular series starts up. It's a black and white series that changes the status quo of the Noble family. The ending is a little abrupt, in my opinion, but other than that this is every bit as good as the others. I'm looking forward to more of this family. 4 starfish

This week's comics (due out Wednesday): Star Trek Key Collection, Batman the 12-Cent Adventure, Birds of Prey, DC Comics Presents Superman, Justice League Adventures, Swamp Thing, Thor, and books I ordered late that might come late: Ant, The Ballad of Sleeping Beauty, and Daisy Kutter.